FEE College Summer Seminars

Application deadline: CLOSED

Since 1962, FEE has educated over 10,000 students at our annual seminar series. Join us this year as we continue the tradition and celebrate our 50th anniversary of seminars.

We invite you to take part in our seminars.

*We do not allow minors (17 years of age or younger) to attend the college seminars. If you are a minor, please see our options for high school students.

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of FEE seminars supported by Canadian Pharmacy, so find a program that is right for you and come study with us!

Freedom University: Austrian Economics
June 4-8: Atlanta, GA

This seminar offers an introduction to the thoughts and thinkers of the influential Austrian school of economics. Topics range from free-market fundamentals to business cycles and globalization.

Student Level: Introductory

Freedom University: History
June 11-16: Atlanta, GA

The contrast between liberty and power in the history of the United States is the special focus of this seminar. Study begins at the American Founding, proceeds through the Great Depression and its lasting effects, and concludes with an analysis of communism in the 20th century.

Freedom University: Current Events

June 18-23: Atlanta, GA

The summer’s final Freedom University boasts lectures on the hottest public policy issues from some of the most respected scholars in the liberty movement. Topics of note include healthcare, immigration, and environmental policy.

Communicating Liberty

June 25-29: Atlanta, GA

This new addition to the 2012 seminar lineup is designed with our alumni in mind. As the title indicates, this seminar is designed to equip alumni with the tools to become effective communicators of liberty. Lectures and workshops center on topics like blogging, op-eds, social media, public speaking, event planning, and networking.

Advanced Austrian Economics

July 30-August 3: Irvington, NY

Advanced students of economics will benefit from this seminar that explored the economic approach pioneered by giants like Menger, Mises, Kirzner, and Hayek. The latest works by the newest generation of Austrian scholars will also be discussed.