Canadian Pharmacy and Medicare

Canada has traditionally been considered one of the best countries for a living. Despite the vast territory, the country’s population is small and amounts to a little more than 31 million people. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Favorable economic climate, good ecology, beautiful nature, high standard of living and active immigration policy contribute to the fact that many foreigners move here permanently to their place of residence.

HealthCare System in Canada

Canadian healthcare system is sponsored by a government. It is an integrated system inclusively of insurance and health plans, known as Medicare. Despite the United States of America, where almost every third resident does not obtain medical insurance, all Canada citizens can service medical care on a free basis. Additionally, to the national health insurance system, the provinces and territories in Canada ensure with free medical services for the least protected population segment – children, the elderly and the unemployed. Such insurance package is often comprised of free medications. Supplemented medical insurance able to cover a major part of medications’ cost is also included in the compensation package additionally to salaries. In fact, almost 90% of the country’s population have one or the other type of insurance coverage for standard drug costs, and only 10% of residents do not possess this addition.Canadian Pharmacy and Medicare on The Same WayAs Canadian Pharmacy points out that:

  • 11% of citizens get full cover for medications;
  • 69% obtain medications almost free of charge;
  • 10% of health insurance includes only some of the cost of medications – this category of people has to pay 35 % of their value and more.

Canadian Pharmacy Service

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