Graduate Career Development Webcasts

Join IHS this fall for an online seminar series on career options in academia. The autumn lineup includes instructional overviews of entering the academic job market and publishing, followed by discipline-specific sessions. Additional seminars will provide insights into teaching, developing an effective public voice, and opportunities for intellectual development.

Feel free to sign up for as many sessions as you choose (while topics are related, sessions can also stand alone). If you do not already have and IHS account, you will be prompted to create one after you click “Register Now.”

Academic Publishing Seminars

“Academic Publishing in Philosophy”

An in-depth look at consequential publications for philosophers and how to approach the publishing process in the philosophy field. Advice on selecting journals and submitting articles. Extensive Q&A to follow.
Tuesday, November 27, 7:00-8:00pm EST
Speaker: Dr. Bill Glod, IHS

Professional Development Seminars

“Becoming a Public Intellectual”

Presentation of why and how to work with the media.
Monday, November 26, 7:00-8:00pm EST
Speaker: Art Carden, Samford University

“Getting Started With the Media”

Advice for scholars interested in writing op-eds, and contributing to public dialogue through television, print, and radio.
Thursday, November 29, 7:00-8:00pm EST
Speaker: Art Carden, Samford University

Past Sessions

  • “Overview: How to Enter the Academic Job Market,” Dr. Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green University
  • “How to Enter the Philosophy Academic Job Market,” Dr. Bill Glod, IHS
  • “How to Enter the Political Science Academic Job Market,” Dr. Nigel Ashford, IHS
  • “How to Enter the Economics Academic Job Market,” Dr. Mario Villarreal-Diaz, IHS
  • “How to Enter the History Academic Job Market,” Dr. Phil Magness, IHS
  • “Overview: Academic Publishing,” Dr. Pete Boettke, George Mason University
  • “Academic Publishing in Economics,” Dr. Chris Coyne, George Mason University
  • “Academic Publishing in Political Science,” Dr. Georg Vanberg, University of North Carolina