Journalism Mentoring Resources

Getting Started as a Journalist

Do you teach or are you a student interested in a journalism career? IHS has many resources available for people interested in journalism.

  • Next, look into the journalism seminar at IHS. Also, aspiring journalists should not hesitate to contact John Elliott, the Journalism Program Director at IHS.
  • Journalism is learned on the job.  Write for the school newspaper or a local paper and learn by doing, not by majoring in journalism.  Also remember: reporting, not op-eds.


Internships are another great way to gain experience on the job and often a necessary step in your career as a journalist.

  • Through the Journalism Internship Program, IHS helps to place aspiring journalists in internships in the Summer, Fall and Spring. Deadlines are February 1st, July 1st and November 1st.
  • The National Journalism Center offers internships in Washington, DC year round.  NJC accepts applications on a rolling basis. They have 40 interns in the summer and 10 each in the Fall and Spring.
  • The Student Free Press Association has an internship program which places interns primarily in Washington, DC. Please check their website for deadlines.