Interview with Professor Tom Bell

In this podcast I talk with Tom Bell, professor of law at Chapman University School of Law, about his career path, involvement with IHS and the current state of the intellectual property. Professor Bell specializes in high-tech legal issues and has written a variety of papers on Intellectual Property and Internet Law. He has also taught at several IHS summer seminars. The paper he mentions in the interview, “Escape from Copyright,” is available online.

On the net, you can find more information about IHS’s Humane Studies Fellowship mentioned by Professor Bell in the interview. If you know a grad student with liberty-advancing research interests, please encourage them to apply. In appreciation for helping them identify more scholars to fund, IHS is offering all IHS alumni and faculty a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate for every non-alum we select as a Humane Studies Fellowship Finalist who lists them as their source. (An alum is anyone who either participated in an IHS program or received funding from IHS) If they are chosen as a winner, we’ll email you a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate!