Steve Horwitz’s Guide to Writing Formal Academic Papers

Professor Steve Horwitz has generously shared his Guide to Writing Formal Academic Papers with IHS Academic!  The document takes you through each step of writing a paper, including choosing a topic, writing your thesis and conclusion, proper citations and bibliographies, and formating.  This is great advice to have as we begin a new semster.  Dr. Horwitz is the Charles A. Dana Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at St. Lawrence University.

From Professor Horwitz’s introduction:

As you hold this in your hand, you are probably wondering why it takes over eight pages to tell you how to write a paper and why some idiot would take the time to write about it.  The answer to both is that the purpose of this is to make you into better writers and to help you become better able to articulate your perspective on what you learn both in this course and at SLU.  The point is not to give you pages of rules and regulations, but to give you the things you need to know to create and present your ideas in a legitimate and persuasive way.

Read the whole thing here.

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